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Apr 23 2008

Market Research Tools

Published by Josh under Market Research

Two words: Market Research. Before entering any single market, take the time to educate yourself on many markets. Within each market, you’ll want to look across a broad list of measurements - and not all of them necessarily involve numbers. There’s also no excuse for poor research practices because most of the information is free.

At Snowcap Labs, we understand the importance of researching a market thoroughly before entering it. We’ve spent many hours researching topics from vinyl records to yoga, on such metrics as total search volume and the number of Google bidders on the top term.

It would take quite a while to cover all of the tools and tactics we utilize to study and compare markets. Properly taking a group of topics through the entire market analysis phase takes months. In the following video, I reveal several basic mathematical metrics we use in the initial phase of the research process.

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